About Us

Our Goal

We are numbers nuts who are interested in what stats and numbers can tell us and how they can inform us.   If we find numbers that interest us and tell us things, then we have a desire to share those numbers, those stats with others who also might find them interesting.

Our Current Interests

With the Coronavirus affecting the whole world, we want to try and understand the related trends and information. And we want to share that information with others.  What people are thinking about elections, politicians and other things that affect their daily lives also interests us.  And to round things out, we are sports nuts and all the performance stats that envelope each sport.  If we find “statz” that interest us, we’ll share them with anyone who is interested.

Our Current Interests

Whether you have questions, a comment or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out by emailing support@statz4u.com.