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Total Counts to Date - World Deaths & Cases – Highest 12 Countries

  • Total Deaths to Date – of Countries with at least 5 Million pop – per 1M pop basis.
  • Peru, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia and Croatia have the 5 highest death rates/1M pop.
  • USA has the 10th highest death rate/1M pop in the world.
  • Total Cases to Date:
  • With about 300,000 cases, or more per 1M pop, Israel, Denmark, France and Czechia’s Positive Cases equate to about or more than 30% of their total population.
  • 6 more countries including Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, UK and Ireland with over 240,000 cases per 1M pop, each equate to about 24-28% of their population.  

Last 4 Weeks – Highest Country New Death & New Case Counts

USA, Russia, plus India total about 100,000 deaths in the last 4 weeks

  • USA (26%), Russia (8%), and India (7%) generated about 41% of the world’s total deaths in the last 4 weeks.

USA, France and India total about 33 million New Cases in the last 4 weeks

  • The US has totalled over 16 Million New Cases in the last 4 weeks.
  • USA (20%), France (11%) and India (8%) total about 39% of world New Cases over the last 4 weeks.

Last 7 Days – New Death & New Case Summary

  • 7 day death counts climbed in the last 2 weeks to over 10,000 daily.
  • 7 day counts for World New Cases have climbed steadily over the last 8 weeks. And  reached over 3 Million Daily New Cases, over the last 3 weeks.

Last 7 Days – Countries with Worst Death & New Case Rates

  • Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Israel, Hungary and Serbia are the 6 countries with the highest Death Rates per/1M pop over the last 7 days.
  • Denmark, Israel, Portugal, France, Netherlands and Austria are the 6 countries with the highest New Cases Rate per/1M pop over the last 7 days.

Coronavirus – World Overview


  1. World Coronavirus Deaths to date exceed 5.7 Million.
  2. USA, Russia and India generated about 41% of Death Counts over last 4 weeks.
  3. USA, France and Inida total about 39% of the World’s New Cases for the last 4 weeks.
  4. Feb Daily Deaths averaging about 12,000. Jan daily deaths averaged about 7,700. Dec daily deaths averaged about 7,100. 
  5. World Coronavirus Cases to date exceed 390 Million.
  6. Jan & Feb averaging about 3 million new Daily Cases. For comparison, Dec averaged about 820,000 New Cases per day.

World Covid Death totals exceed 5.7 Million

World Covid Deaths for Februayr averaging about  12,000 per day

  • January averaged about 7,700 deaths per day
  • Oct, Nov and Dec averaged about 7,000 deaths per day.
  • In the table below, top numbers show the total monthly deaths – the bottom numbers show the average number of deaths per day in that month.

World Coronovirus Cases total over 390 Million

World New Cases – Cases in Jan & Feb averaging about 3 Million daily.

  • December’s Daily Case count of 820,000 had been the highest daily count since Covid began. January and February daily counts are more than triple December’s counts.

Countries with the Highest Death Rates per 1M pop

  • Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, USA, Slovakia and Poland have the top 6 Death Rates/1M pop in the world. All have rates of over 180 deaths per/1M pop over the past 4 weeks.
  • Over the last 4 weeks, 17 countries have death rates of 100 per /1M pop or higher, among countries with at least 5 million pop.
  • For comparison, the chart below also shows several large countries with death rates of 0 to 5 deaths/1M pop, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden.

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